School Assistance Program

What is School Assistance Program (SAP) ?

Mind Practice provides, (School Assistance program) SAP with the vision ofwell-being and help school management, teachers, and students of all age groups achieve their true potential, at the personal, educational and professional levels.

What is the aim of SAP?

The SAP aims to assist students, families, schools, colleges and institutions to manage the impact that a wide variety of personal and family problems can have on student behavior and achievement. Many issues can negatively impact a student including those related to family conflict, emotional or mental health problems, limited parenting skills, substance abuse, bullying, and other peer conflict. Services provided include telephone consultation, in-person sessions.

The School Assistance Program (SAP) is a here to help you and your immediate family members deal with concerns in your life - by finding solutions. The SAP is strictly confidential.

What impacts well-being of school children?

In India:

  • Nearly 10% of children are estimated to struggle with dyslexia
  • Disruptive behaviour disorders are seen in 5% of children
  • Prevalence of mood disorders in young people is 3%
  • Prevalence of childhood anxiety disorders is 9%
  • 15.8% of school and college students report suicidal ideation
  • 7% children between the ages of 12 to 17 have ADHD(*based on research in India)
How can we help ?

After the need analysis we create a structured approach to the SAP program :

  • Screening, assessment and intervention services to address barriers to student learning such as learning disabilities, ADHD and emotional difficulties
  • Training for school professionals to help them address well-being issues in school children
  • Career guidance&counseling for school& children.
When to call SAP?

You can count on the SAP for guidance and support. Call the SAP for issues that interfere with your daily activities, happiness, family stability or overall wellbeing. Some of the topics a SAP counselor can help you with are:

School/college performance

  • Stress
  • ADHD
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Confusion
  • Trouble with peers
  • Alcohol and other drug problems
  • Eating disorders
  • Problem gambling concerns
  • Dating and relationship issues
  • Conflict, bullying or violence
  • Depression or suicidal thoughts etc
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