Reena Sharma - The Founder

Reena Sharma is the Founder & Practicing Psychologist of The Mind Practice. She has more than fifteen years’ industry experience in Administration, Human Resources, and behavioral/soft skill Training & Psychological therapies. She is a qualified Rehabilitation & Forensic Psychologist with expertise in psychological & forensic psychological therapies/Assessments as well as investigative techniques. She has undergone training for clinical psychology from Fortis Escorts Health care in supervision of Sr. Clinical Psychologist and has interned in Psychology division of Directorate of Forensic Laboratory, Gujarat.

Reena Sharma - The Founder

Reena has transformed the concept of clinical practice into a multifaceted program for transformation with customized responses, professional training modules and Forensic & psychological interventions using innovative techniques. She emphasizes a holistic approach towards intervention by addressing the emotional, cognitive, Behavioural, and spiritual dimensions of the clients program.

Her past initiative includes the founding and running Indrishti, registered trust, established from 2013. She has been working consistently in the area of mental wellness with various strata of society, NGO, corporate entities, prisons, rehabs and schools. She has also been helping people combat addictive behavior in individuals and groups therapies.

With a firm vision Reena is attempting to integrate mental health into the psyche and experience of a society in such a way that mental health is given as much importance as Physical health and where mental illness is not stigmatized and misunderstood.

A prolific writer, her works have regularly been published in various newspapers and magazines like ‘DNA Gujarat, The Suburb’, life style magazine, as well as in wellness column and Speaking Tree columns of ‘The Times of India

Educational & Professional Experiences
Reena Sharma is currently pursuing PHD Program in Criminology, she is Master of Philosophy in Forensic Psychology, she is a trained therapist working in area of Addiction management and dealing with addictive behavior. She specializes in forensic psychology, rehabilitation psychology and counseling Psychology Hypnotic Modalities for Behavioral Resolutions Regression Therapies & Energy Dynamics. She holds diploma in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy. An MBA in HRD she has worked closely with Tihar Jail, New Delhi and Bhondsi Jail, Haryana as Consultant psychologists for convicts and Jail Management.