Forensic Psychological Assistance Program

The foundation of our practice is the belief that all human beings are inherently worthy and significant; individuals who engage in destructive and criminal behavior are also members of our society who need to be encouraged and supported to live in the society in a responsible and secure manner. Apart from this we also believe in providing the aid to authorities that provide security to our society.

The treatment delivered by The Mind Practice is cognitive-Behaviouraland neutral in its orientation and follows a self-regulation model, also design it on a holistic model of intervention attending to the cognitive, Behavioural, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the clients we treat.

The approach at The Mind Practice attends to the individual's behavior within the greater understanding of the client's history, life circumstances family environment, and the needs they have attempted to meet through destructive, unproductive and harmfulmeans.

It is our opinion that holistic approach enables healthy development in children and adolescents and supports individuals to manage their impulse, risk and remain offence free over time, supporting them in becoming productive and contributing members of the society with an enriched quality of life.

The Mind Practice has developed Forensic Psychological Intervention programs for the following segment:

  • Prison Reform Program
  • Police Mental Health & Training
  • De-addiction & reform programs
  • Community outreach program & Education