Assessment Services

Psychologists provide specialist Treatment and assessments.Most assessments usually involve a clinical interview with the client, as well as the administering of psychological tests providing a report with observation and judgments.

The Mind Practice team is trained in conducting below listed assessments:

Psychological Assessments
Focuses on the overall and general psychological functioning of an individual. It includes screening for psychological disorders and personality.

Cognitive Assessments
Providing a measure of overall IQ assesses cognitive functioning. It can also assess more specific areas of functioning such as short-term working memory, short-term &long-term memory, visual-spatial and visual-motor skills abstract reasoning,.Neuropsychological and learning problems associated with traumatic brain injury, acquired brain injury, dementias, developmental disorders and psychiatric/psychological disorders may also be screened.

Personality Assessments
These assessments purely examine individual’s personality characteristics and its specific structures. Screening is done for any severe deviations in personality.

Family Assessments
These assessments study the dynamics within a family, assessing issues such as the quality of attachment between family members, and associations and conflicts within the family.

Career Guidance and Decision Making Capacity Assessments
Besides student career guidance program Provide assessment and recommendation for rehabilitation and treatment planning.

Employment related assessments
Provides an insight to the suitability, readiness to return to work, and risk assessment

Forensic Psychological Assessments
These assessments are similar to a psychological assessment, except they also take into consideration an individual’s criminal history and background.

Risk of Violence Assessments
Provide an indication of an individual’s risk of violence and what factors will increase/decrease this risk also provide treatment and recommendations.

Sex Offender Assessments
This assessment examines a sex offender’s risk level and includes recommendations on how to manage an offender in the community or in custodial settings.

Psychological Injury Assessments
Assess if an injury has caused psychological damage to an individual, the extent of this injury, and provide any recommendations for treatment

Few More Forensic Psychological Assessments are:

Transfer evaluations (from Juvenile to Adult Court)

Parenting capacity & child custody evaluations

to stand trial evaluations

Offender evaluations

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