Rising above the myths of mental health stigma


Even today, we as a society shy away from talking about mental health and mental illnesses. When talking about our well-being, mental health is as important or even more so as our physical health. This is because just as physical illnesses, mental illness is also a result of biological and physiological factors.

Mental, physical and social health are interdependent and so, it is about time that we start talking about it, without any stigma attached to it as mental health is broader than just the lack of mental disorders. We can also seek help from psychologists and trained practitioners when facing stress, relationship issues, anxiety or any other lifestyle disorders.

One of the reasons behind the stigma attached to mental illness is that people are quick to correlate those suffering from mental illness with criminality which is not always the case. However, symptoms of a disorder could lead to the person’s violent behavior which we are not able to understand. It is not fair to define a person by his or her mental illness because they are so much more than that.

For a society to be free of judgment and criticism, they first need to be educated and have knowledge about mental health and well being. This could be achieved by attending sensitization programmes and workshops conducted by professionals about mental well being and awareness. When a person is surrounded by people who understand and support them, they are able to seek help.


By Prapti Parikh | Counsellor | The Mind Practice

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