Learn to make decisions!

Life is about choices and is full of moments when we need to decide. But there are times, when we are unable to make a choice- a state called indecision. Indecision becomes a habit and contagious. It causes anxiety, panic and eventually depression as we grapple with situations.

Constant mental suppression causes self-doubt and low self esteem. When all decisions are scrutinised, criticised and rejected, self doubt sets in making us doubt ourselves; thus we lose the ability to decide.

Be yourself
Comparison with peers sometimes sets high standards. The need to be right all the time adds unwanted pressure to perform better, leading to irrational fears. Fear of failure causes performance anxiety eventually leading to indecisiveness. Decisions form the core of our life. We can also learn to overcome indecisiveness easily.

Understand the problem
Indepth understanding of problems and understanding of logical consequences of all possible decisions can help us make well informed decisions. Knowing the background helps in changing the circumstances under which decisions are taken. There are pros and cons to all decisions and it is important to undertake risks. Once the risk is evaluated, counter the risk and take a decision!

Be like children
It becomes easier if you simplify the problem, just as kids do.Stop interpreting life as immensely complex and decisions will become straightforward and easy to make. And if you don't make mistakes how will you ever learn something new? Once you are grateful towards learning opportunities, your ego will easily be able to deal with anger. Let go of your wish to do things perfectly all the time- it is okay to make a few mistakes. Be satisfied with your decisions, whatever the outcome. Remember to derive lessons from failures caused by indecisiveness. So, the next time you have to make a decision, enjoy decision making, for through it, you learn and grow.

By Reena Sharma | Psychologist|Published in | Times of India wellness

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